Care Recommendation



// Our ceramic is mostly dishwasher safe Products with a non glazed back or bottom (tiles or cutting boards for example) are not dishwasher safe. Non glazed rims don’t cause any problems.
// Ceramic is not really shockproof. Just treat it nicely and with care.
// Do not use abrasive cleaning supplies. Just use a soft sponge.
// Do not soak in water. On non galzed spots the ceramic will soak water and the glaze will show cracks and propably will burst.
// Our ceramics are not microwave or oven safe.
// Don’t expose the ceramics to high temperature changes to avoid cracks in the glazing.


Our linen products are woven from natural fibers. This may cause irregularities in the fabric.

// We reccomend to mashin wash our linen at or below 40° C at a low spin speed.

// Linen is a natural fiber and needs more time than cotton to become absorbed.

// We recommend, to wash our linen cushion covers inside out. That is not just good for the print but also prevents marks and bleaching.

// Ironing not necessary, marks are characteristic for linen. If you still want to iron, use not more than 150 °C and don’t iron directly over the print.

// Only tumble dry at low temperatures to not shrink the linen fabric.

Tip: To keep the colors bright use a tablespoon of white vinegar for washing.


Wood is a natural material from natur. This may cause differences in color and texture.

// Most of our wooden products are untreated and may get stains from water, oil and dirt.

// To enjoy our products for a long time, treat them gently.

// Do not clean with cleaning detergents.

// Do not expose to the weather like sunlight or rain.

// Our wooden products are not dishwasher safe.

Tip: Bevore useing our wooden cutting boards pretreat them with a light, edible oil.


// Don’t put the paper next to your Dachshund Alma for example loves to tear paper and cardboard apart, but psssst she really enjoys it.


// We are not liable for complaints regarding our products caused by improper care.